Chaoyang District, Beijing

Coordinates: 39°55′32″N 116°26′30″E / 39.925494°N 116.44163°E / 39.925494; 116.44163

District in Beijing, People's Republic of China
Beijing CBD in 2022
Beijing CBD in 2022
Location of Chaoyang District in Beijing
Location of Chaoyang District in Beijing
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Township-level divisions41 subdistricts
District seatJianwai Subdistrict (建外街道)
 • Total475 km2 (183 sq mi)
34 m (112 ft)
 • Total3,545,000
 • Density7,500/km2 (19,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Chaoyang District skyline, 2017
Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang District (simplified Chinese: 朝阳区; traditional Chinese: 朝陽區; pinyin: cháoyángqū) is a core district of Beijing. It borders the districts of Shunyi to the northeast, Tongzhou to the east and southeast, Daxing to the south, Fengtai to the southwest, Dongcheng, Xicheng and Haidian to the west, and Changping to the northwest.

Chaoyang is home to the majority of Beijing's many foreign embassies, the well-known Sanlitun bar street, as well as Beijing's growing central business district. The Olympic Green, built for the 2008 Summer Olympics, is also in Chaoyang. Chaoyang extends west to Chaoyangmen on the eastern 2nd Ring Road, and nearly as far east as the Ximazhuang toll station on the Jingtong Expressway. Within the urban area of Beijing, it occupies 475 square kilometres (183 sq mi), making it the central city's largest district, with Haidian second. As of 2005, Chaoyang had a total population of 3,642,000,[1] making it the most populous district in Beijing. The district has jurisdiction over 22 subdistrict offices and 20 area offices.[2] Chaoyang is also home to Silk Street, and many other market areas, shopping malls, and restaurant strips.

Administrative divisions

Chaoyang is divided into 24 subdistricts, and 19 townships of which carry the "area" (地区) label:[3][4]

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010)[5] Area (km2)
Jianwai Subdistrict 建外街道 Jiànwài Jiēdào 34,692 4.40
Chaowai Subdistrict 朝外街道 Cháowài Jiēdào 39,999 2.20
Hujialou Subdistrict 呼家楼街道 Hūjiālóu Jiēdào 61,588 2.80
Sanlitun Subdistrict 三里屯街道 Sānlǐtún Jiēdào 35,394 2.90
Zuojiazhuang Subdistrict 左家庄街道 Zuǒjiāzhuāng Jiēdào 80,249 4.17
Xiangheyuan Subdistrict 香河园街道 Xiānghéyuán Jiēdào 51,880 2.50
Heping Street Subdistrict 和平街街道 Hépíngjiē Jiēdào 108,406 4.54
Anzhen Subdistrict 安贞街道 Ānzhēn Jiēdào 68,454 3.60
Yayuncun Subdistrict 亚运村街道 Yàyùncūn Jiēdào 72,415 5.13
Xiaoguan Subdistrict 小关街道 Xiǎoguān Jiēdào 68,363 2.58
Jiuxianqiao Subdistrict 酒仙桥街道 Jiǔxiānqiáo Jiēdào 62,127 5.30
Maizidian Subdistrict 麦子店街道 Màizidiàn Jiēdào 31,741 6.80
Tuanjiehu Subdistrict 团结湖街道 Tuánjiéhú Jiēdào 37,674 1.23
Liulitun Subdistrict 六里屯街道 Liùlǐtún Jiēdào 107,943 4.40
Balizhuang Subdistrict 八里庄街道 Bālǐzhuāng Jiēdào 107,542 4.40
Shuangjing Subdistrict 双井街道 Shuāngjǐng Jiēdào 96,898 5.10
Jinsong Subdistrict 劲松街道 Jìnsōng Jiēdào 106,983 5.20
Panjiayuan Subdistrict 潘家园街道 Pānjiāyuán Jiēdào 113,115 4.30
Fatou Subdistrict 垡头街道 Fátóu Jiēdào 54,872 9.60
Datun Subdistrict 大屯街道 Dàtún Jiēdào 141,433 10.01
Wangjing Subdistrict 望京街道 Wàngjīng Jiēdào 168,167 10.36
Aoyuncun Subdistrict 奥运村街道 Àoyùncūn Jiēdào 105,263 19.60
Capital Airport Subdistrict 首都机场街道 Shǒudū Jīchǎng Jiēdào 20,512 12.50
Donghu Subdistrict 东湖街道 Dōnghú Jiēdào 64,074 10.40
Nanmofang (Township) Area 南磨房(乡)地区 Nánmòfáng (Xiāng) Dìqū 129,844 10.00
Gaobeidian (Township) Area 高碑店(乡)地区 Gāobēidiàn (Xiāng) Dìqū 118,094 15.30
Jiangtai (Township) Area 将台(乡)地区 Jiāngtái (Xiāng) Dìqū 71,341 13.70
Taiyanggong (Township) Area 太阳宫(乡)地区 Tàiyánggōng (Xiāng) Dìqū 70,367 5.85
Xiaohongmen (Township) Area 小红门(乡)地区 Xiǎohóngmén (Xiāng) Dìqū 57,751 12.50
Shibalidian (Township) Area 十八里店(乡)地区 Shíbālǐdiàn (Xiāng) Dìqū 200,884 23.30
Pingfang (Township) Area 平房(乡)地区 Píngfáng (Xiāng) Dìqū 120,605 15.18
Dongfeng (Township) Area 东风(乡)地区 Dōngfēng (Xiāng) Dìqū 86,525 5.30
Laiguangying (Township) Area 来广营(乡)地区 Láiguǎngyíng (Xiāng) Dìqū 123,665 31.30
Changying (Township) Area 常营(乡)地区 Chángyíng (Xiāng) Dìqū 48,470 11.30
Sanjianfang (Township) Area 三间房(乡)地区 Sānjiānfáng (Xiāng) Dìqū 126,183 8.80
Guanzhuang (Township) Area 管庄(乡)地区 Guǎnzhuāng (Xiāng) Dìqū 105,407 10.30
Jinzhan (Township) Area 金盏(乡)地区 Jīnzhǎn (Xiāng) Dìqū 57,618 44.30
Sunhe (Township) Area 孙河(乡)地区 Sūnhé (Xiāng) Dìqū 23,876 26.50
Cuigezhuang (Township) Area 崔各庄(乡)地区 Cuīgèzhuāng (Xiāng) Dìqū 101,996 24.40
Dongba (Township) Area 东坝(乡)地区 Dōngbà (Xiāng) Dìqū 88,541 24.60
Heizhuanghu (Township) Area 黑庄户(乡)地区 Hēizhuānghù (Xiāng) Dìqū 57,257 19.60
Dougezhuang (Township) Area 豆各庄(乡)地区 Dòugèzhuāng (Xiāng) Dìqū 32,535 14.10
Wangsiying (Township) Area 王四营(乡)地区 Wángsìyíng (Xiāng) Dìqū 84,394 19.30

Government and infrastructure

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture are headquartered in the district.[6][7]


Wanda Plaza in Chaoyang District houses the headquarters of Wanda Group and Wanda Cinemas

In 2017, the regional GDP of the district was 563.55 billion yuan,[8] with GDP per capita at 150.7 thousand yuan.

China National Aviation Holdings Company (parent company of Air China),[9] SOHO China,[10] CITIC Group,[11] Sinopec,[12] Qihoo 360,[13] COFCO,[14] and Beijing Capital Airlines have their headquarters in Chaoyang District.[15][16] Renren Inc. has its headquarters on the 23rd floor of the Jing An Center (静安中心; 靜安中心; Jìng'ān Zhōngxīn) in Chaoyang District.[17]

Wanda Group has its headquarters in the Wanda Plaza (万达广场).[18] Wanda Cinemas is headquartered in the same complex.[19]

China Resources Beverage, the distributor of C'estbon water, has its north China regional office in the district.[20]

Foreign companies

According to Chaoyang's official website, the district "is home to more than 60 percent of the foreign business agencies in Beijing, over 3,000 foreign companies, 167 international news agencies, and two-thirds of the 158 of the global top 500 transnational companies that have invested in Beijing."[21] Some of these are:

ABB Group (China headquarters),[22][23] Air France,[24] All Nippon Airways, (Beijing Office, Beijing Fortune Building)[25] Halliburton,[26] IBM,[27] KBR,[28] Kerr-McGee China Petroleum Ltd. ( an Occidental Petroleum subsidiary), Korean Air (Hyundai Motor Tower (现代汽车大厦; Xiàndài qìchē dàshà)),[29] Kroll Inc.,[30] Lummus Technology, a subsidiary of CB&I,[31] Lufthansa (Beijing Lufthansa Center),[32] Asiana Airlines,[33] Standard & Poor's,[34] Swire Group,[35] Etihad Airways,[36] EVA Air,[37] and Qatar Airways.[38]

The Hong Kong-based company Swire Properties has two locations in Chaoyang.[39]

Beijing Hyundai Motor Company (simplified Chinese: 北京现代汽车有限公司; traditional Chinese: 北京現代汽車有限公司; pinyin: Běijīng Xiàndài Qìchē Yǒuxiàngōngsī; Korean북경현대), a 50–50 joint venture of the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. and Hyundai Motor Company,[40] has its sales offices in the Hyundai Motor Tower in Chaoyang District.[41]


Chaoyang serves as Beijing's diplomatic district. All foreign embassies to China are located in the district except for that of Russia, which is in Dongcheng. Chaoyang has three embassy areas in the Sanlitun, Chaoyangmenwai, and Liangmahe neighborhoods.[21]


A Transformers: Dark of the Moon character in Beijing

Chaoyang District is one of the fastest growing districts in the Beijing Metropolitan Area. There are several subway lines running through the district. The Beijing Capital Airport, although surrounded by the Shunyi District, is an exclave of Chaoyang District.[42] The municipality as well as the Chinese national government spend almost a half million USD per day on developing this district.[citation needed]



Chaoyang is currently served by thirteen metro lines of the Beijing Subway:


Tertiary academic institutions

Public schools

International schools and kindergartens

Notable areas


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