High School Attached to Beijing University of Technology

Chuiyangliu campus

High School Attached to Beijing University of Technology (Chinese: 北京工业大学附属中学) is a high school located in Chuiyangliu Middle Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. It is one of the beacon high schools accredited by Beijing municipal Government.

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  • (in Chinese) High School Attached to Beijing University of Technology
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Chaoyang District, Beijing
China Railway
Beijing Subway
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Public senior high schools in Beijing
Ordinary schools and Beacon high schools
Dongcheng District
Xicheng District
Chaoyang District
  • No. 17 (北京市第十七中学)
  • No. 80 (北京市第八十中学)
  • No. 94 (ZH)
  • BJ Univ. of Tech. Attached
  • Chen Jing Lun
  • Ritan
  • Hepingjie No. 1 (北京市和平街第一中学)
Fengtai District
  • No. 10 (北京市第十中学)
  • No. 12 (ZH)
  • No. 18 (北京市第十八中学)
  • Fengtai District Fengtai No. 2 (北京市丰台区丰台第二中学)
Shijingshan District
  • No. 9 (ZH)
  • Pingguoyuan (北京市苹果园中学)
  • Badachu (北京市八大处中学)
  • Capital Normal University Pingguoyuan (首都师范大学附属苹果园中学)
Haidian District
Mentougou District
  • Beijing Dayu School (北京市大峪中学)
Fangshan District
  • Beijing Normal University Affiliated Liangxiang
  • Fangshan High School
  • Liangxiang High School北京市房山区良乡中学
  • Beijing Normal University Affiliated Yanhua
Tongzhou District
  • Luhe
  • Yunhe
  • Yongledian
Shunyi District
Changping District
  • Changping District No. 1 (北京市昌平区第一中学)
  • Changping District No. 2 (北京市昌平区第二中学)
Daxing District
  • Daxing District No. 1 (北京市大兴区第一中学)
  • Daxing District Xinghua (北京市大兴区兴华中学)
Huairou District
  • Huairou District No. 1 (北京市怀柔区第一中学)
Pinggu District
  • Beijing Pinggu No. 5 High School (北京市平谷区第五中学)
  • Beijing Pinggu High School (北京市平谷中学)
Miyun County
  • Beijing Normal U. Miyun Experimental (北京师范大学密云实验中学)
  • Capital Normal U. Miyun Attached (首都师范大学附属密云中学)
  • Miyun County No. 2 (北京市密云县第二中学)
Yanqing County
  • Yanqing County No. 1 (北京市延庆县第一中学)

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