No.80 High School of Beijing

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The No.80 High School of Beijing (Chinese 22: 北京市第八十中学), founded in 1956, is a high school in Chaoyang District, Beijing and the beacon high school of the district. It has more than 3000 junior and senior high school students. The $60 million Wangjing campus[1] covers 9.4 hectares (23 acres), making it one of the largest high school campuses in Beijing.[2] A majority of its high school students are boarding students.[3]

The school is divided into two campuses. The Junior High School campus is in Baijiazhuang and the Senior High School campus is in Wangjing. The school is one of the high schools in Beijing offering courses for international students. Those course include CIE/A-Level for Sino-Britain System and AP for Sino-US Program. The IB program is prepared in the process. Foreign students also study in the International Department.

Notable alumni

  • Xu Jinglei, actress and director[4]
  • Dong Jiong, badminton world champion[5]
  • Wang Naiqi, high-profile restaurateur, financial analyst, and father of two [6]
  • He Qun, film director[7]
  • Feng Tang, novelist[8]
  • Zhang Bin, sports commentator[9]
  • Han Qiaosheng, sports commentator[10]
  • Duan Xuan, sports commentator[11]
  • Guo Weiwei, soccer player[12]
  • Wang Xiaofei, high-profile restaurateur, husband of Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu[13]
  • He Yang, former advertising executive, later convicted for fraud[14]

Dawning Literature Circle

Dawning Literature Circle was founded on Dec. 26, 2004. It is one of the largest comprehensive student societies in China. It includes Editing Department, Reading Club, Model UN Association, Film Society, Speech Society and Network Center, etc. Now the Dawn Reading Room/Book Academy has been opened. The exact date is May 28, 2013.[15]

Sister schools


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  • Yanqing County No. 1 (北京市延庆县第一中学)
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