Pakistan Embassy College Beijing

39°56′27″N 116°27′16″E / 39.94097°N 116.45438°E / 39.94097; 116.45438Coordinates: 39°56′27″N 116°27′16″E / 39.94097°N 116.45438°E / 39.94097; 116.45438InformationEstablished1969 (1969)PrincipalShazia AmjadFaculty45GradesKindergarten to Class XII (HSSC)
and CIE AS/A Level (IGCSE)GenderCo-educationEnrollmentApprox. 500LanguageUrdu, English, ChineseCampus size2000 square metersTeam
Pakistan Embassy College Beijing
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese北京巴基斯坦大使馆学院
Traditional Chinese北京巴基斯坦大使館學院
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinBěijīng Bājīsītǎn Dàshǐguǎn Xuéyuàn
Wade–GilesPei-ching Pa-chi-ssu-t'an Ta-shih-kuan Hsüeh-yüan
Urdu name
Urduپاکستان سفارتخانہ کالج بیجنگ

Pakistan Embassy College Beijing (PECB; Chinese: 北京巴基斯坦大使馆学院, Urdu: پاکستان سفارتخانہ کالج بیجنگ) is a Pakistan International School located on the Embassy of Pakistan compound in Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing.[2] It serves students ages 4–19,[3] in kindergarten through senior school.


The school was established in 1969. Initially, it was known as Pakistan School Beijing. It was the first foreign school in Beijing. In 1970, it relocated to a structure with 14 classrooms, and in 1975, secondary levels were added. In December 1980, it relocated to its present location inside the embassy complex.[4]

In June 2017, the school had 500 pupils registered, 50% of them were foreigners from 56 different countries. At the time, the institution employed 45 Chinese and Pakistani faculty members.[4]

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